Our tips to a more sustainable garden

Sow Clever Founders Lucy and John, share advice on how to make your garden more sustainable in this months blog...

Lucy’s tips

If you’ve ever read my story, you’ll know how important sustainability is to me and the business. When I set up Sow Clever, it was so important to me that we did some good in the world – and helping the environment seemed like a great place to start! 

The amount of plastic used in the gardening industry is a huge bug bear of mine so my tip for a greener garden would be to use biodegradable pots wherever you can. I know this can be difficult. A quick trip to the garden centre can leave you swimming in plastic. But where it is in your control, there are some fab alternatives to plastic out there, including this paper pot maker that we stock on our site. The pots are surprisingly sturdy, fun to make and can be planted straight into the ground when you’re ready to plant out your seedlings.

If you do end up with lots of plastic pots, try to reuse them where you can. Just remember to give them a wash between uses to stop plant diseases from spreading. You could also reach out to the people in your community to see if anyone else needs them. I recently donated a glut of pots to a local school for their new growing project. Some garden centres will take plastic pots back for reuse too.

You could also go a step further and look at other ways you could reduce your plastic use in the garden. Swap plastic plant labels for wooden ones, use jute or twine to hold plants in place and make your own plant supports using twigs and branches.


John’s tips

I absolutely love gardening and growing but I enjoy time sitting in the garden and admiring our hard work too. I also enjoy a project, so my tip would be to think about the furniture you have in your garden and consider an upcycling project. There’s lots of second-hand garden furniture out there that you could easily make your own with a lick of paint or a good sanding. Visit a local charity shop or take a look at Ebay or sites like Freecycle and Olio to see what’s out there – you might be surprised! If a project isn’t your thing, still check out second-hand furniture as sometimes you can pick up things that look like new. 

If you can’t find what you’re after and do want to buy something new, think about the materials that your furniture will be built from. Avoid plastic where you can and look for recycled options. If you’re buying new wooden garden furniture, look for FSC certified wood. The Forestry Stewardship Council makes sure products are made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources so you can buy with confidence. 

Finally, I’m sure Lucy and I would both agree that one of the best steps to a greener garden is to plant more! After all, plants absorb carbon dioxide, as well as providing habitat and food for wildlife and humans. They’re pretty amazing things! If you’re not sure where to start, our kits are great for beginners. They are easy to use and are also good for the environment as they are made from recycled materials. Take a look at our kits to sow now.

With best wishes,

Lucy & John X

Our tips to a more sustainable garden